Madame Molly's Magickal Musings

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Horse, Magick, and Macha

  The horse is one of my favorite animals, ok... the horse is my favorite animal and if I had a choice and could come back in my next life as any creature I wanted… I would choose to be a horse… BubbaI am a horsey person... I have always had horses in my life;...

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Winter Solstice 2011 (Yule)

  This year the winter solstice is at 11:30pm (CST). This marks the longest night of the year. After the apex of the solstice the days will progressively get longer and the nights will grow shorter. I am looking forward to the upcoming year, which will begin...

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Yule Log

The Yule Log is a tradition that dates back in time, to the Hearth fires of early European pagans. The winter solstice (sabbat) signaled the beginning of the new year’s cycle. The new hearth fires would be kindled with the remnants of the previous year’s log....

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Altar Re-sets

Living Room AltarWOW… so much has gone on since I last wrote. I have gone on a cleaning binge in my home. It started with tearing down my bedroom altar and throwing a royal hissy fit... at life in general. I still have not re-set that altar, but I did re-set one of...

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Merry Samhain.. Happy Halloween

For many people Halloween is a night to dress the kids up in spooky or silly costumes and go round to their neighbors collecting goodies with a request of trick-or-treat. Others spend the night and creepy and spooky themed parties, dancing and drinking. I have...

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