Depending where you live, sometime last night or this morning was the apex of the New Moon.  The passing of the moon from Full to New and back again is often and integral part of magickal practices. Often times these practices are focused on fishing, planting, breeding, hunting, harvesting and birthing.
This information can be found in a number of Almanacs, ranging from the Farmer’s Almanac  to the Witches Almanac.

This is where the similarities seem to get a little thin. When talking with other magickal practitioners and reading the many different books, newsletters and blogs; I’ve found  the attributes associated with the different phases of the moon are slightly different from each other depending on the path followed or the individual practitioner’s understanding. There are some who feel the moon has female qualities while others fee the moon carries male qualities. We’ve all heard of the Man in the Moon and Grandmother Moon. 
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I feel the most empowering aspect of the moon is the way it feels as I stand beneath the beams of energy emanating from it. I often stand beneath the night sky and watch as the Full moon beams seem to stretch towards me. Other times, I feel a great sense that all obstacles are being drawn from my life and consumed by the dark moon; only to be transmuted into the bright beams I will feel, filling my being during the Full phase. 

There are many rituals and magickal practices associated with the moon. We offer ritual kits for either the New or the Full moon phase. These are great kits that can get you started on your journey of working with Moon energy.

Have a Wicked Good Day!

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