Many of us have heard of, if not read and watched TheSecret. This is an inspirational book and film aimed at helping people take responsibility for themselves and the circumstances they find themselves on a daily basis. I have read the book, watched the movie and for the most part have seen the results of taking responsibility for my life’s circumstances. 
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The author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, has other books out that go along and expand on this type of thinking and belief system. This information is not new and it can be found in many ancient texts, and some not so ancient writers have approached this concept in the more recent past. Some of the authors include Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and William ClementStone

Though Ms. Byrne is not writing about anything new in the concept of Divinity residing within each of us, she does bring the concept to us in terms and concepts that we can more readily accept in today’s tumultuous world.
The next book in Ms. Brynes’ series of self empowerment and discovery series, is titled The Magic, and based on her other books I expect it will be a more in-depth look at how to actively use the Law of Attraction in our personal lives to create more experiences and circumstances we find fulfilling and make us whole. 

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